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Lesson Books - ALBC

The Lesson Books are at the core of the Basic Piano Course and should be used as the basic instructional tutor for all students. To ensure problem-free progress throughout the course, and to avoid gaps that might impede progress, the authors have used "overlapping concepts." This means that after a concept has been introduced, it continues to be reinforced simultaneously with the introduction of new concepts. Use the Lesson Books in conjunction with the other core subject books, Theory Books and Recital Books, plus any supplemental books you feel will enhance your students' experiences at the piano.

Theory Books - ALBC

The Theory Books make music theory homework truly fun with spelling games, matching games, note value quizzes, fill-in-the-box challenges, interval target contests, triad puzzles and term matching games that students can easily master on their own. Tasteful use of colorful diagrams and illustrations on each page reinforce every new musical idea presented in the Lesson Books. Also, pupils play pieces that they help write!

Ear Training - ALBC

The Ear Training Books reinforce each new concept presented in the Lesson Books and specifically focus on the training and development of the musical ear. Rhythmic, melodic and intervallic concepts are drilled throughout each book. The activities encourage teacher/pupil interaction and each page may be completed using approximately five minutes of the lesson time. Examples for teachers to play are provided at the back of each book.

Recital Books - ALBC

The Recital Books congratulate students for a job well done by providing correlated repertoire to their Lesson Books that are based on concepts they've already learned. As a result, the pieces are quickly mastered. Included are familiar songs such as "Camptown Races," "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," "The Gift to Be Simple," "Clementine," "Sakura," and "Amazing Grace;" elegant originals such as "Hiawatha," "Soaring," and "Night Song;" and fun numbers such as "Freight Train," and "Toy Maker's Dance." Students will take great pride in polishing these works for performance at recitals, or to play for friends and family.

Fun Books - ALBC

The title of the Fun Books says it all-it's fun to play the piano! Students will enjoy playing upbeat songs with titles such as "Barrel of Monkeys," "Boogie Woogie Goose," "Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends," and "The Song that Never Ends!" This series provides graded recital pieces for students who ask for (or need) additional solo material and is especially useful when two students are from the same family: Recital Book for one, Fun Book for the other.

Notespellers - ALBC

Students needing to review and improve their note-naming and interval-naming skills will benefit greatly from these well-prepared notespeller books. Each book provides a variety of written activities that reinforce note reading concepts presented in the Lesson Book. Correlated page-by-page with the Lesson Books but may also serve as an effective supplement to other piano methods.

Technic Books - ALBC

Piano students need to warm up and develop technical dexterity even at early stages in their training. To keep things simple, our Technic Books provide an ingenious way to improve technical facility in incremental steps. Students are asked to work only on four short exercises at a time. As a new exercise is assigned, a previously learned exercise is dropped, so that by the end of each book they've rotated their way through a total of 40 technical drills without feeling overwhelmed. Each book is correlated to pages in the Lesson Books.

Supplementary Material - ALBC

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