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Manufacturer: Seydel
Product #: 905103
Seydel Harmonica Hyperamp HA1510REV Discounts Apply !
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Seydel Harmonica Hyperamp HA1510REV
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Hand-wired tube-amp with built in tube-spring-reverb
The Hyperamp HA1510REV is attractive in the consistent way of using conservative vintage technology on the one hand and offering special features that are not found with other amplifier models on the other hand.

Many amps originally are built for electric guitar or bass - But the Hyperamp is is designed from the ground up specifically for the needs of the harps player! That is why the special harmonica sound is created, that once helped the too faint sounding harmonica to become "the mother of the band" (Otis Spann, piano player of the Muddy Waters Band).

This impressive sound thrills players as well as the audience this very day and many players are looking for their sound - with the adaptability for different kind of microphones and the built in tube-spring reverb the Hyperamp is a universal genius for the harmonica player - so to say the "swiss-knife" among the tube amps.

It follows all nuances which are produced by the player's harp and microphone and therefore is the ideal elongation of the "sound chain".

The Hyperamp HA1510REV is a hand-wired classA-amplifier and produces 15 (Tube-) watts. It is equipped with a special designed 10' Jensen speaker. This is sufficient for smaller stages or for playing in a session. For larger stages it is provided with a DI-output (with transformer) so that it can be connected directly to the mixer.

With its two inputs (high or low ohmic- XLR or 6.3mm socket) one can apply nearly every microphone - the 3-band tone controle works in a very effective way and helps to optimize the sound.


Technical data - Hyperamp HA 1510 REV

Output: 15VA an 4 / 8 Ohm (switchable) *

Speaker: 10'' Jensen P10R 8 Ohm -SPECIAL DESIGN-

Power amplifier: Class A (2 x EL84)

Level indicator: EM84 (magic eye), at the front

Input1: Guitar socket 6,3 mm (mono), -10 dBu at 1 MOhm

Input2: XLR-socket, -30 dBu at 200 Ohm

Effects: parallel, with Level-(Reverb-) control **

DI-output: XLR with transformer (magnetically shielded)

Sound control: 3 bands

Controls at the front: INPUT 1, INPUT 2, BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, VOLUME, EFFECT/REVERB, Stand By-switch, line-switch, operation light

Controls at the back: Electric supply with fuse and spare fuse, sockets EFF RET and EFF SEND, XLR-socket DI OUT, socket for ext. speaker EXTERN, socket for int. speaker INTERN, Impedance switch 4 / 8 Ohm

Tube assembly: 1 x EZ81, 2 x EL84, 1 x ECC81, 2 x ECC83, 1 x EM84

Spring reverb: Accutronics, 3 springs

Dimensions (in mm): 484 x 480 x 260 mm

Weight: 14,5 kg


* Through a second speaker jack an external 8 Ohm speaker can be connected, the impedance switch then has to be turned to 4 Ohm. In normal action without an aditional speaker it is set to 8 Ohm.

** Applying the parallel effects loop the direct signal in the amp is mixed up with the effect's signal. The disadvantage is that some effects are limited (e.g. distortion). The advantage is that the direct signal is directed to the power amplifier as the crow flies and therefore remains unaltered. With the HA1510REV the EFF/REV-controle adjusts the amount of reverb. If an external effect-pedal is connected to the EFFECT RETURN jack, the internal spring reverb is switched off.

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