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Suzuki Winner W16C Harmonica
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: W16C


 Key of C only
List Price: Cdn$ 10.95
Price: Cdn$ 8.25
5.61 EUR
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Suzuki Winner W20C Harmonica
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: W20C


 Key of C only
List Price: Cdn$ 12.95
Price: Cdn$ 9.95
6.77 EUR
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Suzuki Winner W24C Harmonica
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: W24C


 Key of C only
List Price: Cdn$ 15.95
Price: Cdn$ 11.95
8.13 EUR
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Product #: SU21SP


 Key of A & C.
List Price: Cdn$ 35.95
Price: Cdn$ 29.95
20.37 EUR
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Suzuki Tremolo Harmonica
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: SUA23


 Professional 23 Double holes, 23 notes
Major 12 keys, Minor 12 keys
List Price: Cdn$ 47.95
Price: Cdn$ 36.95
25.13 EUR

Suzuki 2 Timer Tremolo Harmonica - SU 24-2T
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: 24-2T


 C & A
List Price: Cdn$ 45.95
Price: Cdn$ 37.95
25.81 EUR

Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: SU13M


 13 Double Holes
List Price: Cdn$ 61.90
Price: Cdn$ 48.95
33.29 EUR
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Suzuki Humming Tremolo Harmonica - SU21H
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: SU21H
Based on 2 ratings. (View)


The Suzuki Humming Tremolo Harmonicas are the high tech harp that makes the old world sound.

List Price: Cdn$ 91.40
Price: Cdn$ 69.99
47.59 EUR

Suzuki Tremolo Octave Harmonica - SU24
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: SU24


 Key of C, C#
List Price: Cdn$ 129.95
Price: Cdn$ 99.95
67.97 EUR

Suzuki Humming High Class Harmonica
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: SU21W
Based on 3 ratings. (View)


List Price: Cdn$ 139.95
Price: Cdn$ 104.95
71.37 EUR

Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: 21M


 Maple Wood Comb
Key of G only
List Price: Cdn$ 182.95
Price: Cdn$ 129.95
88.37 EUR
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Suzuki Tremolo Humming High Class SU21W-4S Harmonica Box Set
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Product #: SU21W-4S


 Humming High Class Box Set
 Key of C, C#, A, Am
List Price: Cdn$ 590.95
Price: Cdn$ 449.95
305.97 EUR
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